Hello world!

As in beginning code writing, my first blog starts with
Hello World!

This is my first attempt at blogging or anything remotely web-based, so be patient.
     I started this blog because I constantly see beginners on many forums seeking advice on how to get into electronics and microcontrollers on a very tight budget. I mean like less than ten bucks. My first response was, “You gotta be SO kidding! $10?! My cheapest multimeter is $60, easy, and a breadboard is $12!” After some hard thought (I love a good challenge, and I’m as cheap as the next guy) I decided to share my thoughts and 30 years experience in the search for inexpensive tools and methods to achieve these ends. And neat and/or cool ways to do things. No doubt after delivering my thoughts on the best (insert subject here), I will receive a firestorm of dissenting views and counter suggestions, with perhaps a few, “gee thanks, just what I needed to hear!” Great! It’s all grist for the mill! There are any number of people smarter than me willing to share their knowledge and I’m all for sharing good and useful ideas right here, right now!
     And I want to delve into using simple microcontrollers in measurement and test situations. These discussions are mostly meant for the technician on a budget and the advanced experimenter/hobbyist who wants to expand his understanding of circuits. This should lead to what the specs mean in the data sheets and how to test against these values; the definitions of resolution and accuracy; what to look for when shopping test equipment; and bunches of other stuff.

The most requested advice I see is which processor to get started with. I have several microcontrollers in DIP (Dual Inline Package) form, and I have plug-in modules. In my next blog I will compare two of the most likely candidates (in my opinion), the Stamp module and Nano DIP IC. These are both based on the PIC (peripheral Interface Controller) series from Microchip.com. Yes, there are a number of other likely candidates, but my choices here are based on availibility, price (a MAJOR factor here!) and ease of learning.

Until then, take care!

Next Time! Which is the best beginners’ processor to learn microcontrollers with?!
(Of course these devices and their product names are copyrighted and trade marked by their prospective makers!) 

The ubiquitious Basic Stamp©?

Or the economical Basic Nano©?
Basic ATOM Nano 18

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